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Laspoloutra Krinidon or Laspoloutra Kavalas is located 17km from Kavala

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It is based on the use of “mature” mud.The application of it can be total or partial with our body’s submersion in the mud puddle or its greasing with it.The mud’s therapeutic action is double.It can be local (on our skin’s
surface) or general (with many purposes, thanks to substances that work their way into our organism). It is also a result of three major parameters: the mechanical, the thermic and the chemical one.

Therapeutic Indications Clay

Therapeutic clay is the clay which holds the human body therapeutic effect, such as:

  • Refmatologikes disorders (trafmatologikes disorders, inflammatory athropatheies, neuralgia)
  • Post-treatment (in strain, bruises, haematomas, fractures)
  • Gynecological disorders (inflammatory diseases of the genitalia, disorders emminoroies menstruation cycle, disturbances of symfyseis after gynecological surgery, aidoiitides, kolpitides, pyeloperitonitides)
  • Cardiovascular diseases (vascular disease, phlebitis endoartiritida)
  • Skin disorders (eczema, youth edges, psoriasis, local dermatitis, pruritus various reasons)
  • Nervous system disorders (traumatic peripheral nerve paralysis, but if there is an aesthetic loss.)
  • In aesthetics as cosmetic

Results of Application Clay:

  • Increasing the temperature of the skin
  • Increase in electrical conductivity
  • Changes the membrane capacity
  • Influences on the phenomenon of absorption
  • Hyperemia of capillary vessels
  • Enable idropoion glands
  • Enable (Enzyme – Hormones)

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